bike bummer :(

Monday, August 8, 2011

 Today I woke up so excited knowing Jake and I were going to be able to pick up our new bikes we ordered! I was craving some chocolate zucchini bread, so I made some! I added a 1/8 cup more coca and 1/4 cup more chocolate chips and I really liked it. I also doubled the topping so it would be more topping delicious. Here is the recipe if you want to try it out! I would recommend it!
 I ran out of zucchini so I used some squash and it didn't get shredded all the way as you can tell. Its ok though it was still good!
Then I got to clean the house all day and reorganized my closet! Such a great feeling to get organized!

 Jake and I went to the bike store after he got off work! When we got there to get our bikes they looked beautiful and perfect! Then I realized my bike had a gloss finish and not a matt finish...I guess Specialized does not make the matt finish anymore and that was the whole reason why I wanted the bike I wanted! I feel maybe I am not supposed to be a biker. First bike, wasn't working, went to get Jake a bike and the wrong one was there, then we took back my bike and ordered new ones for both Jake and I, and then today, I found out they don't make the bike I want anymore. On a good note, Jakes bike is perfect as can be! So the store was nice and are switching out an older bike with a matt finish and putting on my new bikes components on it. I am sure it will be great, but I am feeling like maybe I was never meant to have a cool bike...Well, one more week again till I get a bike.
 Then Jake and I tried a new Indian Food place on Center Street in Provo called India Cuisine. We got shrimp coconut karma. It was great, but I think Bombay House is my favorite. I feel they have the most flavorful food. A good thing about India Cuisine though is they have a lunch buffet! I think that would be the best time to go there.
 Here is Jakes super cute bike! I love it! I really love the red accents on the tires to! So cute! His is an all matt finish bike! Maybe someday I will have a matching one....
Jake was really sweet to me because he knew I was so bummed out about my two week so far biking bummer. Its ok though, things happen and we have had really nice people help us the whole way! Jake got me a cute new outfit and movie to make up for it all. He is the best! Now time for family night and to top it off watching 'House Bunny" and "Underwraps." We are already getting excited for Halloween over here!

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  1. COOL BIKE! Hugh has a Tarmac too! And I have an Allez! Get one Kels you will love riding!