Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today was such a fun day! I got to go grocery store shopping and finally finish up some packages for some nieces and nephews I have been working on. (an excuse to use my Hello Kitty Duck Tape!) Living far from family, I miss them. So Jake and I have been working on some packages to send! With a lot of nieces and nephews we have more work to do, but here are our first four packages. I am so excited to make more for everyone else!

 Later that day I got visit with some neighbors and hang out.
Then Megan came and picked me up and we went on a date! It was the best ever! We went to the real movies and even got popcorn and a slurppie! It was the best ever! I love spending time with Megan! I miss seeing her everyday. Jake is the best roommate ever, but taking out the trash at noon in our pjs being hauled by a car in the freezing cold is something I miss doing with megan.
Later, Jake and I got to visit Heather at Costco, get some groceries and pizza for dinner! Then I got to watch "King Kong" with Tuna while Jake worked on some work stuff. It was a great day!

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