Smore's Double Date!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My old roommate Sandy texted me a few days ago and it made me so excited! We decided we had to do a double date! I was so glad we did! Jake and I had so much fun meeting up with Sandy and Allan! We had a fun time making a fire and roasting smokes up Provo Canyon(we even tried toasting starburst)! I was so impressed with these boys eagle scout skills and how they knew how to whip up a fire really quick!
Allan, Sandy, Jake roasting marshmallows! I feel like I have not seen Sandy in way to long, so it was great to see what she had been up to this summer, how married life is going and what she has planned for this up coming school year! I really miss this girl! I found out that her and Allan just moved pretty close to us, so we will have to do some more fun double dates! Thanks guys for a great time! We love you!
My first biking boo boo. I went for a bike ride earlier today on an unfinished road and panicked....and fell over. It was actually really funny. Haha whoops. Only a little scratch!

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