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Thursday, August 4, 2011

First I must start off with this super cute duck tape! I wanted it so bad and Jake surprised me and got it for me! He is the best! Now I must find some excuses to duck tape everything!

Today has been an exiting day for the children! It was tank cleaning day! Sometimes when the filters need a changing, the tank can get pretty smelly when cleaning it out.. but the turtles are worth it! We took the turtles and put them in boxes with a cozy blanket. Our turtles love to be cozy and snuggle. That is one of my favorite things about them! Then Jake and I drained the the tank and took it out side for a wash down! Its nice bringing it out side then you can scrub the algae out better! I was glad we wore our swim suits to clean the tank because it started to pour rain! It actually made it really fun cleaning the tank! A good adventure!

 Here is Max and Herbie enjoying snuggle time together. They are such good kids.
 Before we put the turtles back in the tank Jake scrubbed their shells clean with a tooth brush. Here is Max inside his shell. He is soo juicy! I love seeing his cute little chub coming out!
 Wahoo! Here is the clean tank! Jake did such a fantastic job scrubbing this baby down! The turtles seemed so happy to! We literally watched them play in their tank for at least an hour! They are so fun to watch, I could watch them all day! Herbie was cracking me up and swimming laps back and forth in the tank and weaving in and out of the pirate dock. He is so creative!
 Here are some cute pictures of the turtles swimming around. Mr. T on top, Alfredo, bottom.
 Max, Mr. T, Alfredo, Herbie

I love the turtles! They seriously make me so happy! I love seeing them every time I walk in to the family room. They always get so excited and come up to the glass and press their cute faces on it. I can't believe I have had them for a year and a half now. They have gotten so big! Love you turtles!
Have you ever wondered what turtle poo looks like? Here is it. Weird to say, kinda cute?

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