Emilys Birthday party!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

 Wednesday was my old roommate Emilys birthday! She was doing a birthday dinner at Texas Road House. It was so fun to go and see lots of friends! There was an awesome turn out for her dinner!
 Megan and Stacey! Doesn't Megans hair look awesome brown? I LOVE it!
 Here is Jake and I. I had to pull my hair back because I was sweating so bad. I was not feeling well and have been in bed for the past three days...so it was good to go out and get some fresh air. It always amazes me how after I see friends and play with them I always feel so much better!
Here is what Jake and I got. It looks nasty in the picture because the flash would not go off, but it was oh so delicious! We got  steak medallions with mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes fully loaded and veggies. It was an awesome meal! Lets also not forget we ate a million rolls and butter that were delicious!
 Emily is too cute! Here she is on the birthday saddle! Yee-Haw! We ended the night with yummy cupcakes that Shelly (Emilys sister) made. They were delicious! This was a fantastic night!
Emily is the cutest! I love her so and miss living with her! She is the best! Love you Emily!

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