Grandma in town :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

This has been great week thus far! It has been full of lots of sewing and trying to get crafts ready for some boutiques. This week has also been full of tons of errands. I find that some all happen to end up on the same day. Its still fun though to go out in nice sunny weather.
 I found a cute halloween sign and decided to put that up along with some pumpkin lights.
 I think these lights are so dang cute! I love them! I wanted to buy tons of them!
 Yogurtland is good in my books again. Carmel cups and pineapple guava yogurt is back! Hallelujah!
Jake was cute and got my Spooky Buddies! I saw a commercial for it and wanted to see it! I am excited to watch it for halloween time! To the right is Mr. Panda. I got him at the grocery store! I seem to never stick to my grocery list. He is a baby pillow pet! I think I am going to name him Pandy or Oreo. I think he is so cute! I am going to bring him on car rides as my pillow and friend!
Thursday was a great day and got to have Jakes mom, grandma and Cameron over for dinner! I was so excited to use Jake and I's new plates we bought! Before dinner I got to hang out with Jakes grandma and mom and we had fun talking! Jakes grandma is full of knowledge about sewing and food! She is so fun to be around! Its great to see her! They went to Gardner Village today and it looked like a blast from all their pictures, seeing all the cute witch and halloween decor around! They brought me some cute bowls and salt and pepper shakers! I love them!
For dinner I made chicken tortilla soup. Rice on bottom, soup on top, rolls and brownies.
This was a super fun night! It was great to see Grandma Harris and spend some time with her! I love her new hair cut to! She is always so fashionable and cute!
Now time to go do some more sewing and watch Spooky Buddies with Tuna and all of his puppy dogs! Yeah! Thanks fam for a great evening!

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