first snow of the year!

Friday, October 7, 2011

This has been a great week! It has been full of eyelash clients and sewing. I finally have gotten back into the sewing mood! I love when I can sew for hours without noticing it has been hours! I love sewing moods. I have watched way to many seasons of Americas Next Top Model while sewing though.. Here are a couple fun things I got to do this week!
I got to go to the lovely Bountiful Temple with my cute mother in law! Sorry we didn't call you Aunt Christie! We decided to go last minute, so we will have to go all together sometime soon and do a fun lunch date after!
These first two pictures I got off the internet...

This is what the temple grounds really looked like the day we went! Yes, first snow of the year! I got really excited about it, and then forgot about cleaning the car off with snow and wearing tons of layers. I am excited for the snow to start coming, but I would like to see some beautiful fall leaf colors first before the snow hits! After the temple, mom Harris and I went and ate some lunch and did some shopping for some dishes. It was a fun day to spend together!
I was trying to find something on my blog and it led to this Search Keywords page. Holy cow, I was laughing so hard at the funny things that brought up my blog. I am now going to regularly look at Search Keywords because it is so fun and cute to look at. My favorite is "turtle sitting on a rock legs out." All I could think when reading that is of a little boy sitting at the computer wanting to find cool pictures of turtles. SO cute! "Baby hammer head" was another favorite.
I went to Gardner Village this week and it was all decked out for "Witchfest." It was so cute! They had cute/not scary witches and pumpkins all over!
 Witches playing base ball..
 This witch was my favorite! I liked the overall affect of her running into this building.
 A witch jumping into the water.
 Cute pumpkins everywhere!
 Tuney sitting on a witches lap.
 A witch lighting dynamite into the water.
I love mail! Here are some fun items we have gotten in the mail this week! I am soooo excited about this new Rick Riordan book! He is the greatest writer! I LOVE his books! I wish he had more series and more books to read so I could read them!!! I can't wait to get started on his new book, The Son of Neptune!

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