Friday, November 11, 2011

Today has been a great day! I woke up bright and early to meet my cute mother in law at the Jordan River Temple.  After hanging out at the temple we split up and I headed up to Salt Lake to do some phone business at the Apple Store and some shopping!
I ate at Jasons Deli for lunch! It was delicious! I love the free ice cream cone to top off the meal! That is reason enough for me to eat there!
After I went and did some shopping! First I hit up Anthropologie, and my mother in law was there to! We both had no idea we were both going there :) So we had fun shopping! I could shop everyday all day! I LOVE it! My mom had her birthday coupon, so she let me buy some stuff on it! Thanks mom! I got two new cute shirts and two new ornaments! I am LOVING Anthropologie ornaments this year! So fun! My tree is now complete!
After, I went the Apple Store and my mom was so cute to be nice and wait with me. The store found that in fact I did have a phone that really was a bad egg and gave me a new one!
Then mom and I went to Fashion Place mall to go check out the new H&M. I was cracking up because the line to get the store wrapped around the outside of the mall! Of course we waited though, and had fun looking around! I bought a HelloKitty doll. Random right? I just love HelloKitty!
Check out these crowds! Hilarious! Only in Utah... I heard people camped out over night to go! There was a film crew and they said I was "fashion forward" so I got interviewed about the event going on. 
After I headed home, and went to the Verizon store to activate my new phone and transfer contacts, but long story short, Apple didn't activate my phone for Verizon to be able to activate it, so therefore I don't have a phone right now until I can call Applecare. But I don't have a phone to use because my husband is out of town! Good thing he gets back tonight! Jake has been out of town all week in D.C for work! I am so excited to see him! This was my first time being at home with out him, but as you can tell, I had a little to much fun making Christmas crafts all week and shopping, but defiantly missed him!

Jake got home! I am so excited! Time to go hang out together and watch a fun movie! Happy 11-11-11


  1. love you kelesy and love hanging with you! Mom

  2. The same thing happened in Denver - an H&M opened here yesterday! It wasn't as bad as when the IKEA opened a couple of months ago though!!

    Do you have a tutorial for your burlap stockings? They are soooo cute!