AZ Holiday Boutique!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday was a great day! My sister Amber and I got together with a couple of friends (Aimee Gurr, Emily Scanlan, Kasey Shaker, Heidi Fire and Amber Wormell) and put a boutique together! We were all so excited for this! We decided to do it outside because of the great weather! I had so much stuff, I had five huge tables and decked them out with goods! Amber had a ton of tables to!
Here are a couple of my tables:)
 Jake being awesome and is the Cashier man. He did a wonderful job and was so helpful all day!
The sun got really bright when I was trying to take pictures and didn't work, so I stopped and forgot to take pictures of everyones tables during the event! I was so sad because everything looked so cute and I wanted pictures of it all! Here is Aimee with all her awesome frames and coasters! I love her and Brandon's stuff they make! Jake and I got 3 frames from them for our new shelf they made us! I am so excited to put them up in my house!
 Some of us hanging out in the corner, finishing up our Neds Crazy Subs for lunch!
The boutique was so fun! It was nice having it all day so we had time to talk to people and enjoy the day! I learned a lot from today about some things I would change, or do again for next time. Thank you so much to all of your that came and made it an awesome turn out! Thanks of all the love and support! :)
Here are a couple of fun things I got today at the boutique! Some yummy sugar cookies!
 Some super cute handmade card packs! (by Amby Crafts)
 Frame 1. Its a cute white 5x7 (all frames by Aimee and Brandon Gurr)
 I loved the thick sides on this frame and the cute blue! 5x7
 Cute peach 8x10. I am so excited to put these on my new shelf!
I got this shelf made awhile ago from Aimee and Brandon but I have not been able to pick it up until now! I took this picture upside down and flipped it so it looks funky, but you can still catch the jist of it.
I was amazed at how nice everyone was at helping out cleaning up and packing things up from the boutique! My friend Scarlett and her family even helped! That meant so much to me! Thanks everyone for a great time!

To top off the night, Mom, Amber, Jake and Ambers cute sister in law Nancy and I all played Five Crowns! At the very end...I won ;) For some reason, it nice to win sometimes.

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  1. Kelsey,

    I was at your boutique this last weekend and your crafts are great! I am in charge of a boutique at Highland Elementary school this Saturday from 10-3. The event is being put on by the performing arts booster and booth fees go towards the performing arts at the school. We have a 6 x 8 for $30 and an 8 x 10 for $50. We would love to have you at our boutique! To let me know you can reach me at