California Work Party

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday was a great day! I got to go see my nephew Bryce play his first basketball game ever! Awesome! He did great and was so cute!
Go number 3!!!
After the game on our way home we saw a boutique going on. It was fun but I think I am more of a house boutique kind of girl for sure. We got hot dogs to go.
When we got home, Amber and her family went to pick up a fresh Christmas tree!! Oh and it smells AMAZING! Mom watched tv at home and I went to one of my all time favorite places....The Irvine Spectrum! I got a cute dress and blouse! Wahoo!
When I got home, we all got ready to go and went to my dads work party! It was so fun! It was at a resturant called Cannons. I got steak and lobster! Yum! I wish that I took pictures of the adventures of the nights events, like raindeer ping pong and a super fun gift exttchange and musical chairs.
Oh yes, I won musical chairs! So I got a gift card to PF Changs and $40 to Bath and Body Works.
View from Cannons.
Everyone saying there goodbyes at the party.
Cindy, Mom, Amber
This is my awesome gift exchange gift I got! A cozy grey blanket!
Tuna got some bracelets at the party.
When I got home that night I looked at my phone and Jake had sent me some pictures. He got some cute decorations and put them around the house.

Then he sent me a picture of Herbie on the dock. I miss Herbie, and the other turtles to. They are so dang cute!
Sunday was a great day! Mom and I got to go to church with Amber and her family. That was a great time. When we got home we watched some TV and played until the Christmas Devotional played. Jake sent me this picture above, that he got to go to it live! His mom got them all tickets to go see it!
After the Christmas Devotional, Jakes family walked around temple square in Salt Lake and Jake saw this manger scene and liked it.

Later that night, mom and I went to Ambers house and played with her  and Nancy. It was fun.
When I got home for the night, I remembered it was time to pick a burlap stocking winner! I want to do another giveaway soon! They are so fun!

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