My Ruby Quilt is Finished!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I am sooo excited! My quilt I started a few weeks ago is done!! I used Moda fabric from the line called Ruby. So this is my Ruby quilt (which is also my grandmas name). The quilt pattern I used was one Aimees sister Brooke. It is called "Bouquet of Patchwork Quilt."  I think you can purchase the pattern for it on Etsy. I loved this quilt because the cutting was very minimal and simple. The directions were very clear and the pattern was super easy to follow! I would totally recommend doing this pattern for a beginner quilt or something to do for a fun sew! So..ill get the name of it soon.
Here is Aimee and I working on our quilts. We made the same quilt in different fabrics! Aimee is my quilting buddy! We are starting another quilt tomorrow! I am so excited!
Finished the top of my quilt and got the back of the quilt ready so I could take my quilt to the quilter Betty! My moms friend Betty is awesome at quilting and did my quilt for me! When I got it back this weekend, I started working on the binding to finish it up! I like the quilt even better quilted! It makes it look so much cuter!
Last night I finished the binding on my quilt! Whoop whoop! Here is Hayley modeling it for me.
The finished product!
Here is the back of the quilt!
I love the red thread against the blue back! I am so happy my quilt is done! So excited to use it! Thanks Brooke for the great quilt pattern you let me borrow!


  1. Love this!! SO cute! I need to learn how to quilt. Love the fabrics you chose and he flower detail. xo

  2. uh could you be any more talented?! love it!