grilled cheese with heart shaped eggs

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday has been a great day. When we got home from a good day at church we were hungry! We wanted grilled cheese, and eggs, so we combined them! We used the cookie cutter and cut out a heart shape on two slices of bread. Then we buttered both sides of the bread, put cheese between the bread, lined up the wholes and dropped in one egg!

I am thinking everything we make up until the 14th of February Jake and I are going to have to incorporate something pink or heart shaped.
Wahoo! One order of grilled cheese with eggs done! This was a yummy meal. But it was no substitue for a real mean grilled cheese. Bummer. The egg was good though.

Sunday night we watched the TV show Once. I am really liking that show! I really like Ginnifer Goodwin in it. I think she is so cute! It is a fun story line to. I also cant stop thinking how excited I am for The Bachelor tomorrow! That is so horrible. I look forward to that show way to much. I just think it is so fun and hilarious. I love a relaxing Sunday.

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