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Friday, January 20, 2012

Yesterday I started reading this book and finished it this morning! My friend Alisa was so cute and sent it to me. Her like I, enjoy reading teenage fiction, and she found this book and loved it. She knows I like to read, so she got me one and sent it to me! I was so excited to have a new fun book to read! I was totally surprised when I read it how much I really did like it! It was fun to read a book all composed of letters! The main charter in the book Juliet is a riot! I was laughing out loud so much about the funny things she would say! So witty! I wish sometimes I was as bold and witty as she was! I think it skill that could come in handy quite often.

I was surprised how much history was in the book about the World War when the Germans were trying to occupy London. Because of that, Germans were living in the channel islands in Guernsey where this book takes most of its story on. Juliet is a writer who got famous during the war for her funny comments and lighartedness during the war time to cheer people up. After the war, she was to write a few columns for the Times and a new book. Juliet wasn't sure what she would write about until she developed a new pen pal in Guernsey.

Juliet gets to know everyone in the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and falls in love with them. She even takes a trip to visit them. I think thats when the story gets amazing! I really loved this book. It is one I will for sure read again. There are so many characters, you want to get to know them better and find out more about them. I really liked how you got to know everyone through letters. It made it so you could know each persons personality and quirks about them.

This book motivates me to write letters and keep a journal. It was so fun to learn about people and hear incredible stories (real or not?!...I still loved it) so I should keep a history to! Going to work on that.......

Thanks Alisa! LOVED IT! You are the BEST :)

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  1. woot woot - glad you liked it. we should be pen pals.