I am getting excited for Valentines to come!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This has been one of those weeks. It has been a great one, but for some reason I have just felt super burnt out. I shouldn't because I dont really do much everyday, but this week has been a more busy for me. There has been some great highlights though that have made this week great. Tuesday, Jakes Uncle Richard came into town, so we got to go to dinner with him and his kids Spencer and Liz. It was great to see all of them and get to know them better! Jake and I got to go to The Chocolate on Wednesday night and that was really fun. We were supposed to go help out the missionaries, but the appointment got canceled, so we went and got treats instead :) Thursday I got to go to the doctors. I am always so scared every time I go to a new doctors, but I had such a wonderful experience. I was soo happy and grateful I have a new doctor I really like. I also got to go to my friends kids gymnastics for a few hours. I had so much fun watching all the kids run and do flips. It was amazing. Do they have beginner adult gymnastics? Friday, I got to catch up on some very needed sewing. I have had piles of stuff (and still have tons of piles) of things already cut and need to be sewn. So it was nice to get some of that done! I also got to work on some v-day decorations....so that was awesome!
I am sooooo excited for Valentines! Any holidays in general really. I LOVE going to stores and seeing all the fun holiday stuff! It has gotten me inspired to start decorating the house and making some Valentines decorations! Wahoo!
I got to go to the fabric store this week to which was was exciting! There is nothing I love more than fresh designer fabric! I LOVE going to the fabric store!
 Tuna was a great help this week. We had fun making lots of crafts and doing laundry together.
Saturday night Jake and I bought a bag of oreos and watched lots of Pheninas and Ferb. Before we knew it, all the oreos were gone and we had watched a few hours of tv. So much fun!
We all discovered the magic once again of Desert Book. I didn't know they started caring all kinds of books theres. We ran there to get something for our Sunday School lesson, and ended up getting some books! We have never read Leven Thumps, but thought since my cousin Rob wrote the series, we should probably read and support family. I am happy about that decision and excited to start reading them in the near future.

This has been a great week, and I am super excited for the next one to come! We have a lot of exciting plans that I am excited to do and lots of new great books to read :) Life is great!

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