LEGO- Harry Potter Years 5-7 Nintendo 3DS Game

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This game is awesome! I think since it is a newer LEGO game it is easier to follow along and find out what to do. It also could be to, most LEGO games are similar and if you play one, you can figure out the rest. This game follows the movies really well. Its fun because instead of switching charters a lot, you are usually switching what spell you are using to unlock something and go to the next step. The charters are super funny to watch and fun!

Like all LEGO games, I highly recommend getting all the coins you can all the time so when you finish the game and unlock things you can purchase them with the coins you collected.

I did have a few problems with this game glitching up on my and freezing which I dont think is normall and I have never had happen in any other LEGO game, so I dont know what went on those few times it happened...

With this game being years 5-7 for Harry Potter, it is a bit more dark. Since the game follows the movies, this game is a little darker. Meaning I would be kind of scared to play this game by my self in the late hours of the night. I am also a wimp though.

This game says for ages 7 and up but I always wonder about that. I feel sometimes I have a hard tiem figuring things out, but when I call my 8 year old nephew for how to do something and he tells me how to do it, I guess the age 7 is appropriate for this game ;)

On finding the secrets, in this game you really have to destroy everything and try everything to get all the secrets. I had to play a few games many, many, many times to try and find some hats and tokens I was missing. Worth it though. Its always fun to collect all the extra items!

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