LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 3DS and PS3 Games

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pirates for the 3DS is the best game ever!

When Jake and I first got our Nintendo 3DS, Pirates was the first game I got! I LOVED it so much I beat it 3 times in a week. You couldn't get me off my 3DS. I would play it every night for a few hours for months. That is bad, but it lets you know it is a fun, good game! Like all LEGO games, you first have to play through the whole game before you can start unlocking charters to help you get all the secrets. For some reason, I love finding all the secrets.  I will play a game over and over until I find all of them. One suggestion I would have is collect all the coins you can every time you are playing. That way you can purchase more people sooner to help you get a higher percentage to finish the game. I was super impressed with the awesome graphics for a little hand held device. This game is kid friendly and super fun! Sometimes LEGO games are hard to figure out, but if you cant figure out what to do, go on line and look up the level you are on and watch a video run through.

As for the PS3 Pirates video game, that one is alot harder than the 3DS game! (my nephew who is 10 does a great job with it) You have more tasks you have to do, and more intense ways of finding things. But for some reason these games are a blast. They are so cute because they take you through the movies, so you feel like you are playing a fun game and watching all the Pirates movie in LEGO form. It is way cute! The PSP I think would be really difficult for a younger child to play and figure things out, but then again, kids are smarter than I am on these kinds of things :)

My only complaint on these LEGO games is that you have to finish an entire level before you can quit and save. I guess that is like a normal video game, but these levels are long. But if you dont try and find all the secrets, the levels would go by quick.

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