LEGO: Toys Store 3 - Pizza Planet Delivery Truck (7598)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This was my hardest LEGO set to make yet. Maybe because it was only my 3rd I have ever done....but this car was intense! It even has shocks. You can bounce the car. Pretty cool. I think the neat thing about this set though, is it is LEGOS you can actually play a lot with. You can roll the car around and take it for rides, rather than other LEGOS that are structures. You can still play with them, but a car is awesome!
The little alien is my favorite.
 You can pop open the hood and refill the middle with little plastic pizzas. You can shoot them out and fight off people that are trying to fight you. Pizzas to their faces.
 The top hatch of the truck opens so someone can shoot the enemy.

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