LEGO- Winter Bakery (10216)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This box set I feel has been the most bang for your buck! for $60.00 it has 687 pieces, 7 1/2 people and a horse! (the 1/2 person is stuck in the snow in the ice skating rink) And most of all, it is so dang cute! Who wouldn't want a Christmas Bakery? :) Jake got this LEGO set for me for Christmas and I finally just got around to making it!
 My favorite part of making LEGOS is getting out all the people and putting them together.
Getting started. I got all the LEGO pieces out in piles, got out the manual and started. This set took me a bit of time to make but I got to watch some good old movies while putting it together. (Ace Venture Pet Detective, and Vegas Vacation)
 All Done!

 I loved the ice skating shoes they had for all the skaters.
 Isnt that light so cool? It came with a light brick that turns the bakery light on.

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