rainy/snowy days

Monday, January 23, 2012

I love snowy, rainy days especially on a Saturday! It is so relaxing and fun! Today I got to go to lunch with my friends Lizza and Rachel. We got Indian food! It was delicious! We had fun talking and playing for 4 hours till they kicked us out of the restaurant. After I did some grocery shopping to get stuff to make treats for our Sunday School class. I think for snowy days it is mandatory to have seat heaters and a warm heater in your car. If I always live in Utah, I am going to make that a car requirement. ahah
AHHHHHH JUNIOR MINT HEARTS! My ALL TIME favorite valentines treat! This is my 4th box of them so far this season! I think they are the best! (maybe I should wait till February to buy some more). I love the ones with the red coloring inside! It is so exciting! And they are so cute heart shaped! Tuna bought this cute frog while we were at the store. He always likes to spend his allowance on stuffed animals. I support it. This frog is so soft! What a great day so far.
In the evening, we downloaded Season 13 of The Bachelor, put on cozy pjs and watched TV till 2am. So bad. Jake read most of the time though. Hes so funny. He wants to hang out and be in the same room, but read so he wore ear plugs. Cute boy.
Sunday we woke up to snow on the ground! So exciting! It was so icy because of all the rain from yesterday. I saw my cousin at church and she said her car was frozen shut. haha so funny, but sad. I have had that happen to. I guess another requirement for snow living could be an automatic car starter, so your car can heat up while you are inside the house getting ready, and when you come out side to drive, the car will be warm and unfreeze itself :)

After a great time at church we came home, ate, and of course watched more Bachelor. Later we went to choir practice. And I volunteered to play violin. I dont know what got into me.... I guess its good that we went to choir practice because when we got home I got my violin out for the first time since high school. That was 6 years ago... It is something I have been needing to get back into.
For dinner, we made grilled cheese and veggies and brownies! Yum! Brownies are always a favorite for me! Then we watched more Bachelor. I dont think I should be able to download series of that show, or any else for that matter. I become to addicted. hehe

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  1. kelsey i made your cookie dough brownies and they were AMAZING! thank you for the recipe, mmmmmmm!