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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I feel like I have not blogged in forever. Life has been super busy lately(with good things) full of making online stores, cooking, baby showers, tv watching, sewing, reading, legos, church stuff....
Stacey and I got to go snowboarding! It was great! We had such a fun day together! We had a fun drive up the canyon, played on the snow for an hour, and came back and went to Riverwoods and ate at Milowie Pizza and then did a little shopping! It was a great day!
I have been cracking up cause Jake and I have been staying up pretty late, lately and sometimes he falls asleep randomly, so I think its funny to put things on his face to see if he wakes up. (Yes I know not nice of me). Usually it does not even phase him and he sleeps throw the night with Tuna and Lamp Chop on his face.
Jake and I made a new creation and it my new favorite! Bacon chocolate chip waffles! I know it sounds weird, but it is delicious!
One night we had dinner at Honey Baked Ham and got the most delicious sandwiches. This is the turkey bacon, and Jake got the Tavern. They were both so good! I had no idea about the amazing deli inside Honey Baked Ham stores. If you have never been, GO!
Jake drew some pictures for some nephews :) We have been watching alot of Phienas and Ferb lately. It is the greatest show. We have almost watched all of the episodes. They are so fun and creative. Just watching them inspires you to do great things! Like make grilled cheese sandwiches...and other good things to.

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