Snow is on its way!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Look at this email from Park City! Thursday the mountain received 6 inches of snow! And I got to go enjoy it with Stacey and Alex! And it says...more snow to come! Wahoo! It is so interesting that winter really has not come yet. It seems to be like this not in just Utah. So, I was excited about some fresh new snow and hope more comes! If its supposed to be cold here, why not have some fresh white powder to go with it!
Up at the mountain! A nice overcast day! It stated to snow on us while we were there and we were all sooooo excited! It was a perfect snow because it was not a wet snow. It would fall and hit the ground and stick! It made it a great day for snowboarding! I had so much fun! Sometimes (all the time) when I am snowboarding I sing rap songs out loud and it really enhances my experience.
Leaving! It was a wonderful day! You can kinda see in this picture that it was snowing a little bit! Wahoo! Maybe winter is on its way!

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