Turtle Hut

Friday, January 27, 2012

We had an awesome floating dock in our turtle tank, but I think Alfredo is teething and started to eat the dock, so we had to find a replacement until we figure out what to do. We needed something that was big, and the turtles could climb on top of to get dry in the sun. When I saw the turtle hut, I knew it was perfect because the turtles love to play hide and go seek with each other! I also found out to help with Alfredo's teething that, turtle bone is a good solution. It will help him get his beak down and get that teething going on. I also got a new treat I saw called "Turtle Chasers." We fed them to the turtles and they were a hoot! It was so cute to watch them chase the food around and break it down. I think I was a good work out.
Here are some pictures of the turtles enjoying their new hut. All four of them are in here!
I LOVE MY TURTLES! They really make me so happy! They are so cute! I feel sometimes they are so easy to neglect because they dont need much attention (or want it) but every time I come see them, and they come meet me at the glass, it is all smiles all around. The turtles have the cutest smiles ever. I love them. I am so happy I can be there turtle mom.

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  1. we used to have two turtles, haha. they got so stinky and we didn't have a filter. we didn't keep them long, but im glad you love your turtles!