a great day of snowboarding and GOOD FOOD!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I always like to start a day off in the snow with Tuna in my pocket. He really enjoys playing in the snow. 

I was little nervous going today up to the mountain because I dont have long hair anymore. I used to think long hair on the mountain was crucial and I wouldn't even dare going snowboard with out some fabouls long extensions in so they could blow in the wind as I rode down the mountain. Every time I would go snowboarding I would tell my self I was such a baller and my long hair gave me serious swagger and I would sing rap songs like "riding dirty", "do your chain hang low" and '"Im a baller." But as I went down the mountain today, with no hair........I found I have been wrong this whole time. I am just awesome at snowboarding :) haha 
This is Alex. He is Stacey boyfriends friend, but he has been coming snowboarding with us a lot, so now he is our friend to!
 Getting ready for a good run down the mountain.
 Yeaaaaaaaaah Staceypants.
I look like I am going to fall here (which would of made a better picture if I did fall) and my hand is really long. I am really holding my gloves and dont have them on because I was taking pictures down the mountain. I need to make some gloves with a removable thumb cap so you dont get frost bite when you are trying to take a picture in cold weather. That should be my next sewing project.
 Such a great day on the mountain! Cant wait to go again!
 I always love the drive to and from the mountain. Provo Canyon is beautiful!
 Stacey, Alex and I decided to get some lunch when got in from the canyon.
Stacey and I got the Santa Fe pizza! It was delicious! I want to get it again. Stacey asked the cashier if we could have a free Oreo Pizza. The cashier just laughed.
When they brought out our food, guess what? They BROUGHT US A FREE OREO PIZZA!!! Some how they had an extra one and let us have it! Go Stacey!
 I wish in this picture you could see all the oreos all over Staceys face....when I got home, I read until Jake got home from work. Then we headed off to eat at "meat sticks" formally known at Tucanos!
Yummy! We love meat...and the grilled pineapple is the best! You can be so full, and about to explode, but there is still room for grilled pineapple.
Hitting up the salad bar.
Done...I couldn't eat any more. The food was sooo delicious. I am getting hungry again just thinking about all the meat!
I love all the lights up at the Riverwoods. It makes the place feel so quante and homey.
Water and fire.......We thought this was a cool waterfall area we never noticed..or is new?
After a gerat dinner, Jake and I went to go to Target to get a paddle boards for us to go use at the pool and go swimming. We got distracted when we saw the new series 6 minifigures had come out! So exciting! We bought 2 of them and went home and opened them. We loved them so much we went back to Target and got 14 more. What a perfect night! Then we topped it off eating Oreos and watching a movie. I love date nights and spending time with my cute husband Jake. Hopefully we can make it to the pool another day to have some fun swimming.

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