I want a puppy dog!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you ever have those lonely days (lonely as in want a friend to hang out with all day, everyday) and all you can think about is puppy dogs? I have been having way to many of these kinds of days lately and all I want is a puppy. I think about puppy dogs all the time, look at pictures of puppy dogs, and read books on potty training puppies. Maybe someday I can get one. I would also buy my puppy bowtie collars from "sillybuddies" all the time! I think they are so cute. Look how handsome this dog looks. He is the cutest. I want a doggie.... I think me and my dog could go on walks, snuggle, read, give him baths, play dress up with cute outfits, play frisbee, sit in a basket while I ride my bike...


  1. Yes but remember first - the toilet training, if it doesn't go well it mean poo & wee all over the place. The teaching it lessons - which they can ignore. The chewing!!! of everything whilst teething and older. You can get a dog with issues, our dog gets seperation anxiety and the 1st time we left him in kennels we came back to a dog with about 100 warts on the inside of his mouth. The vet bills!!!!! Pedegree dogs have more problems than most dogs! I had 2 cavlier kind charles spaniels and they both ended up with heart murmurs. My favorite Clyde had a double heart murmur and from the age of 2 had to be on medication. He lasted till 14years old and as he got older the more the medication. Then is you get a dog that is anything like ours he gets into a routine so hubby gets up at 5:30am Mon-Fri he still gets up at that time at weekends and won't shut up till someone gets up with him. Yes I know I can talk I still got another dog but I'm a homey person. It doesn't bother me not going places but most people can't cope with a dog because they are so tying!