LEGO CITY - Off Road Fire Truck and Fireboat 7213

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jake and I were at the LEGO store and I knew I HAD to get this set! Not only am a sucker for the CITY was so cheap! It was on sale for $23.98. It normally is priced $39.99. On amazon it is still $39.99 but, you can get it for $23.98 at  on sale! When I finished the set, I thought it was cooler than what was on the box! This for sure was an awesome deal and great set to add to the collection.
I love when all the bags are numbered! I feel it really helps in the building process.
 You can hook the boat by tow from the fire truck. The fire truck even has little sides that come down and support the sides so it all doesn't topple over when you tow in the boat. I like the hose in the boat to that takes out a fire.
What a great set! I feel like I should buy more of them for presents or something. haha

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