LEGO CITY- Police Dog Van (4441)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I never thought I would be to into LEGOS. I grew up with 4 sisters and I was the youngest so I had never really known about LEGOS till my husband introduced me to them. I thought they were cute, until I built my own Harry Potter Castle and realized how cool LEGOS really are! Now I am hooked!
Jake was cute and told me I could get a treat for going to the doctors all by myself, so this is what I picked out when we were at Walmart! I love looking at all the LEGOS and seeing what fun things there are to build. I really like all the CITY LEGOS.  I wanted this one because of the cute puppy dogs, and I liked the fact they could hang out in the police van. Pretty neat.
Getting ready to build. I broke the only LEGO rule. You are not supposed to build LEGOS on the carpet, but I felt like it anyways.
The police car! My favorite part is where the puppy dogs go. Its so cool how the side just lifts up and the dogs can run out and attack bad men.

Now to my first comic ever...

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