LEGO - education 9349 mini figures

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jake got this mini figure set for his birthday! He was so excited about them, it was the first thing he got out to play with. The only bad thing about the set was that it did not come with instructions. So we made sure to cut the box apart and kept the back of it so we will know in the future what parts go with what parts. A positive about the set is, they are really cute and there are mermaids! Another positive is the set came in bags which helped you sort a bit through the parts to help you put them together. Jake and I still can't figure out why the box is labeled "education."
Finished! Jake let me help him put all the mini figures together! It was fun! He had a great idea, to put them on LEGO sheets to display them all.
 I can't figure out why the groom has a weapon and a ladder?! Is there an old tradition I am not aware of?

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  1. Your groom is supposed to be a chimney sweep! - see here for why!