LEGO minifigures series 5

Friday, February 3, 2012

For Jakes birthday party coming up..we bought lots of minifigures to use. Little did we know how cool these are! We went to Target tonight, and saw that they came out with new bags of mini figures, hence why would couldn't find anymore of these blue bags anymore! So we bought 2 new series 6 bags. We came home and opened them and LOVED them. So of course we were bad and opened all of the other series 5 bags we had! And then went to Target and bought more series 6 bags! Way to much fun!

Out of our 10 bags of series 5 we had, we got almost all the ones we wanted, except the dinosaur! We really wanted him, but maybe we can find him on ebay or something. But here is what we got!
We got doubles of the safari girl with a cute monkey and banana and English gard. We were happy with what we got! I feel like opening the minifigures is what it must of felt like for Charlie when he pulled back the Wonka wrapper in hopes he had a golden ticket. (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

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