nail polish and Lady and the Tramp

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday was a great day! I got to go to the hair supply store and get some needed items. With wanting to start swimming, I didn't want Jake and I's hair to get damaged from chlorine, so I got us some new shampoo and conditioner, some hair spray, and some new nail polish colors! I was getting tired or my old nail polish and avoiding painting my toes, but now I have 4 new colors to party with! Wahoo!
Jake made us a great dinner of teriyaki meatballs and peas over rice! It was delicious. He is always so helpful! Then he spent till 1am working on my blog, making side bars and changing it all up. What a sweet boy. I stayed up till 3 am working on little boys bow ties! Oh they are to die for and so dang cute! I just want to see one now on an actually little boy :)
Lady and the Tramp came out today! Which Jake and I were very excited about! So he was sweet and went to the store to buy it! Sometimes when the new Disney movies come out they will send us $5 dollor off the bluray combo packs! Yea! I am sooo excited to watch this soon. Confession.......I have never seen the movie, Lady and the Tramp.

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