sushi, fabric, "the bachelor", and some swimming

Monday, February 6, 2012

 Today has been a wonderful Monday. When Jake got home from work, we went to eat a yummy dinner at one of our favorite places, Happy Sumo to get some sushi. Here is some delicious ahi seared tuna!
Yummy Vegas Roll and nagri. Vegas roll is always a favorite. I want to eat it everyday.
After a great dinner we ran to the fabric store to pick up some designer fabrics to make some bow ties. We went a little crazy and bought a bit to much :)! I LOVE getting new fabric! I am so excited to make some super cute bow ties! We went to go to Yogurtland after because it is national ice cream day and they were giving out free yogurt, but the line was wrapped around the we passed. We ate a bag of m&ms in stead.
When we got home we watched The Bachelor. We look forward, ok I look forward to Monday nights way to much to watch this show. I just think it is hilarious and to fun to watch! It also makes me want to travel and go to some cool places! 
I thought Jake looked so handsome today I had to take a picture. I love that he has been sporting a bow tie every day to work. So cute!
Later in the evening we decided to go for a swim. I have not been swimming in swim laps anyways...and it was really fun! After we took a good long warm Jacuzzi. I LOVE the jacuzzi!
 Me in my swim cap and googles. Yes a great look. haha

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  1. Let's definitely be good friends you fun thing you!! Check it out swimming laps and fun fabric...whatever!! XO, Aimee