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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Siri always crack me up when she does this. I just wonder to my self what other plans she has at the moment. I know she has other clients to adhere to, but I thought each phone had there own personal Siri. I must have been wrong...
Jake and I have been making lots of blanket forts and sleeping on the floor this week. It has been really fun! For some reason it is sometimes funner to sleep anywhere else but your bed.
Treasure Buddies came out on Tuesday and I was really excited about that! I dont know why I love all the "Buddies" movies but I do. I think they are so cute and fun, so of course had to get it :)
Guess what???! I won a prize at Walmart! I was a certain number customer and got a surprise gift card with a certain value on it! It had $5 bucks! I was so excited! What a lucky day!
Tuesday I also cut my hair off, so that was something quite new and exiting!
Tuesday night, I really wanted to watch Treasure Buddies! I am so glad we did because it was sooo cute! Yes of course way cheesy and unrealistic, but thats how I like it. It was great! Tuna liked the monkey Babi in the movie. I really liked Cami the Camel.
Wednesday, I got to do some sewing, and a lot of tv watching. Jake and I found a new show called (not a new show, but new to us) Portlandia. It is hilarious! Yes some of it is inappropriate, but most of it is hilarious! I have been quoting it all day!
Thursday Jake and I got our oil changed in our cars and hung out at Walmart looking around till our cars were done. We saw this notice in the LEGO section which was exciting!
So, Jake and decided before we went to Walmart we would not buy Oreos. We passed the cookie section once, and did fine. We went to get some milk, and Oreos were there. We were good and passed them up. We went to go get juice and Oreos were there to. We passed them up. Walking to the front of the store to check out, we saw Oreos again. Of course we couldn't resist, so we bought some more double stuffed Oreos! But guess what? We were another lucky costumer and got another $5 Walmart gift card! Can you believe it?! Two lucky times in one week!
When we got home, I got this mini diploma in the mail! So cute huh? I will carry this around to remind me I did it! I passed college. :) Maybe Ill make mini everything. Everything thing is cuter in mini.
For pizzas! Jake did a great job and made us dinner! We used Rhodes Rolls and squished them to be pizza dough and made mini pizzas!
Jake was making me laugh so hard when we busted out the pizza cutter to slice the little pizzas. It made them taste way better having it cut up so tiny :)
Saturday Jake and I made waffles for breakfast! We put mini chocolate chips and precooked bacon on them and cooked them up!
These are the best waffles ever! Sweet and salty in a waffle covered with syrup. To die for. I think this may become our new Saturday trading.
Saturday afternoon, Jake and I got to meet up with Mallory and Nephi Guymon at Yogurtland! It was the best ever seeing them! It was my first time meeting Nephi and he seemed like a great match for Mallory. Mallory and I went to high school together and would make spice girls videos! We had some amazing times together! It was awesome seeing her!
For dinner Jake and I made one of our favorite easy meals. We made buffalo chicken tenders diced up over lettuce with ranch and a side of cucumbers! Yum. I could eat this every day. I could eat anything in buffalo sauce everyday...
We spent the rest of the night watching Phineas and Ferb and eating Oreos. Perry is our favorite. I wish I had a pet cartoon platypus Perry. He is so cute platypus or detective.
My dad sent a hello text message to me later that night with this picture attached. I have the cutest dad ever! I dont know how old I was in the picture, but it was the best times ever with my dad. I liked that he put his hex bug, Jake and I got him by my picture. And of course rocks. My dad loves rocks. So do I. I have a rock collection and love to look at them. I miss my family and want to visit them soon :)

Sunday Jake and I got to eat dinner at his parents house! Mom made Hawaiian haystacks which is one of my all time favorite meals! LOVE THEM! We even ate with Hawaiian music in the background. To cute. It was a wonderful family evening. Jakes mom let him even borrow a big bin of legos that Jake is sooooo excited to play with! What a great week.

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  1. The new blog design looks great, Kels! It was great to see you and Nephi and I were saying how we wish we lived close so we could hang out more often! Love you!