week wrap up

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tuesday I got to bring dinner to a friend Meghan that just had a baby boy named Ollie. I made beef stoganough, noodles, salad, rolls, juice, and I was lazy and didn't make a dessert, and so I got OREOS:) I feel you cant ever go wrong with Oreos.
Wednesday Jake and I took our snowboards in to get waxed! Mine really needed it! I felt like it was dying on cat tracks and was past due. We ended up getting Jake his own socks, which he really needed and a super cute watch! We both loved it and thought this new watch would look great for his wardrobe!
 A week food favorite. Costco frozen eeg rolls dipped in soy sauce.
 Thursday, we built a fort and read books in it. Tuna and Little Bear hiding in there snuggle pod.
Friday, I made bow ties all day. When Jake got home from work we picked up his brother Cameron and had a bowtie photo shoot! It was so fun! Then we went to dinner at Gurus at got fries and then Betos and got carne asada burritos! YUM! Then I had an eyelash client and worked on uploading pics to my website! It was a great Friday!

Saturday we had a fun day! We relaxed and got some stuff done for my store. That was nice.  I posted 25 new mens bow ties! At 4 we met up with some friends Brett and Kenzie and had a great double date!
Doesn't all this food look like barf? Well, let me tell you, it looks nasty but it was awesome! Smoothies with chocolate chips, guacamole, boneless chicken wings, and cucumbers was our Sunday lunch! Sunday was great! Guess what?  I made some new friends at church that just moved in! So exciting! We made some fun plans so I am looking forward to that! And, we didn't have to teach in church today! That was so nice! Don't get me wrong, I love teaching, but sometimes its nice to have a break and get to be taught by someone else :)  After church we ate lunch, took naps and then that night we watched the Oscars. Guess what...this was my first time ever seeing them! It was fun! Then we worked on our LEGO bus that is taking forever, read and went to bed! Life is wonderful!


  1. This all looks so fun! I love egg rolls, and am definitely craving some now!
    I hope you'll stop by Cupcakes and Candy Canes today for more info on my first ever guest post!


  2. what a sweet thing for you to do for your friend who just had a baby. new moms always need a dinner in the freezer and i'm sure she really appreciated it!

  3. that dinner was perfect for just having a baby. nothing like some good comfort food. oreos included!