who needs beef, when you can have BACON!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday morning, Jake and I left Vegas and arrived in California! We had really been wanting to try a restaurant called Slaters 50/50. There you can get a burger with not only beef in it, but half bacon!!!!! So, I am a big lover of bacon and will eat it almost everyday! So, we were in for a treat going to Slaters. In the picture above is a maple bacon shake. Sounds a bit weird yes...but it was amazing! I am craving another one!
Sweet potato fries with pumpkin dip. Not the best fries, but we really liked the dip.
Here is the burger! The patty is half bacon, half beef! Oh yummy! We got there most famous burger "The 50/50"-with egg sunny side up, avocado has, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, on a white brioche. It was good, but I think the patty needed some ketchup! Next time we go, we are going to make our own burgers and make it like a regular burger with extra bacon! Now that would be amazing!
After a great lunch we went to walk around Downtown Disney! It had rained earlier and the sun was coming out and it was a beautiful day!
Of course we had to stop at the LEGO store! I have never seen these "brick grab bags" before! I think they are such a good deal for only 8 bucks! Jake and I decided we will get one every time we go to the LEGO Store! We also made our own cup of different parts we wanted. That is always really fun! And of course, some fun magnets!
Then we went to build a bear, and found Tuna and outfit his size! It was so exciting!!!
Tuna looking so handsome!
A beautiful day out driving to Hollywood.
Wow, this traffic is horrible and its only 3 in the afternoon!
The traffic was so bad, Jake and I didn't make it to the cake shop he wanted to go to. Well have to go another day when we have more time.
Turned around and heading to the Irvine Spectrum!
At the Irvine Spectrum we got to meet up with Aimee and Brandon Gurr! Wahoo! We had been planning this trip to meet up together and go to Disneyland! Wahoo!
Jake trying some balsamic vinegars.
Wahoos Tacos for dinner. They were ok, but I think nothing compares to Rubios Fish Tacos. Fun to try though because I always see Wahoos.
The awesome ferris wheel! The big tent has an ice skating rink underneath! Fun!
We had a great time at the Spectrum, walking around, doing some shopping and eating dinner!
To top off the night, we went to Yogurtland and went home! We had fun watching Breaking Dawn, TV and hanging out!

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