Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Could this picture be any cheesier? haha I happend to be in DC when I read this book and got a picture with big Abe and fiction book Abe.

This book starts off with an intro that brings the story into perspective of how its written. The author of the book meets a man that finds interest in him, and gets the secret lost journals of Abraham Lincoln to him. This man wants the author Seth Graham Smith to write a bio about Abe and his times of being a Vampire hunter and how that played into his life and politics. The man wants the real life of Abe to be discovered.

The book is like a bio with stories about Abes life and entries from his long lost journal in it. The book is written well, and a good read. The only thing I didn't like, is sometimes the book was a bit grouse. It wasn't scary at all, but just sometimes a little bloody. But what do you expect from a vampire book right? Sometimes I found the book kinda boring because it was like a bio...but it was still interesting.

In the book, it feels like you get to know Abraham Lincoln and about him. I must now buy a bio about Abraham Lincoln because I want to see how his life really was. I would imagine that this vampire book events and events in his real life will line up with what is real. It was an interesting fun book, but I wouldn't let my kids read it. To young. I would say 15ish and up :)

Now I am ready for the movie to come to theaters! I think it will be a fun movie!

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  1. I didn't realize this was a book first. I knew the movie was coming out but had no clue it was adapted from the book.
    I will need to look into that. I am always looking for a good book to read.