furniture shopping and results!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jake and I have been going furniture shopping lots and it has finally paid off! Wahoo! We were in need of some items since the move and here is what we got!
 2 awesome bar stools for the kitchen!
1 awesome metal stag head to go above the bed.....maybe that would be to scary.....well find him a nice place for him to rest.
 Large desk for both Jake and I's computers so we can work right by each other :) I am really excited about this change! It will be so nice! I like to share with Jake :)
2 matching computer chairs
1 metal dresser for Jake to store his clothes in!

We are both so happy we finally found some things that we loved and dont have to wait 4-6 weeks for them to be ordered/delivered! They come in less than a week! Oh so awesome! I am so excited to see how they look in our home! Wahoo!


  1. Love, love, loving all of this!


  2. Excellent taste in furniture! Love these pieces to death. Makes me wish I had an apartment all to myself to decorate!