Happy National Platypus Day!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today (3/3/12) is National Platypus day!!! Isn't that awesome??! So in celebration....Jake and I made Perry the Platypus T-shirts with Disney's print off iron ons and we took our Perry's stuffed animals on some adventures and watched a ton of Phineas and Ferb episodes while eating grilled cheese :)
In the evening, we celebrated National Platypus day by taking Perry and baby Perry bowling! We got to go with our new friends in our ward the Emily and Ben. They are awesome and so fun to be with!
Perry did fantastic at bowling. He got a strike almost every time. He insisted on having an orange bowling ball to match his tail.
 Ben and Emily
Jake bowling! He did great as always! Bowling at BYU reminded us of the good old times of the 2 years we did bowling league together there. But our 2 years of bowling league defiantly did not, or ever shows in our scores :)
We played two games. I was ashamed of my last games score :(
Then we topped off the night at Yogurtland! It was wonderful! We were so glad we got to celebrate Platypus day and hang out with some new friends! It was a splendid time! I even saw my old friend Natalee Acosta! It was her bday! So exciting!

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  1. Don't feel bad. Your score puts a few of my GOOD games to shame, woman.