Friday, March 30, 2012

During the move, the turtles were one of the last things we moved. They dont like change that much, so we wanted it to look like home when they moved in to our new place. Every time I hold the turtles I cant believe how big they are getting! I remember when all of the turtles used to fit on one of my hands. Here is a picture of me and Herbie! Oh I LOVE my Herbie. He is so dang cute! He always brings a big smile to my face. 
Here is Herbie again. I always love to pet the turtles head. They love a good head massage. I do to.

The turtles waiting for their new home to be done! 
This picture is for a trip down memory lane. Here are the turtles in the same container in the picture above on the left. Now only two of them will fit inside that container. Wow. Jake and I have had the turtles for over 2 years now! Can you believe that? Jake and I have 4, two year olds :)
 All moved in!
Herbie and Alfredo. I love that the turtles have really been enjoying their log hide out.
Herbie getting some sunlight.

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