New Hair Doo

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Well, I have been wanting to go red for sometime I finally did it! Wahoo! It looks red in this picture, but if you see me in real life it looks more like someone dumped a can of red paint on my head. I LOVE IT! I went to Shep Studio again and got my hair dyed and my hair cut by Shep. He did a great job! I am excited for a new fun change :) Wahoo!


  1. the red works for you! and love the bangs.
    xx jes

  2. love shep, I wish I lived there still so I could go. It looks awesome by the way and it was fun running into you in AZ :(

    1. that was supposed to be :) by the way.

  3. wow! Adorable!!!! I love the new do. so cute! xo

  4. I went red & short after we got married & I absolutely LOVE it!! I've been thinking about going red again. It's too fun!

  5. AH!! Not just anyone can pull off that hair cut. And not just anyone can pull off that color. But YOU definitely are doing BOTH. Sexy pixie right here!! Love it.

    Also, I decided that we should be friends. And so we shall. :) Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)