a night at build a bear

Thursday, March 8, 2012

 No one tells you when you cut your hair...beware of some serious bed head. I feel this is what my hair looks like every morning when I wake up.
Jake made me this cute card and sent it to me on my email this morning (Wednesday.) He is so cute!
Today I drove through the drive through car wash. I love doing these. They are so fun!
I did some more grocery shopping today to get some juice and other random things!
I went to the dentist. It was a fun time! I really like my dentist! I learned I need to be flossing, mouth wash and taking vitamins...so I got some of those at the grocery store, and am going to try to do better on those 3 things.
This afternoon, I almost ate this entire thing of oreos all by myself while watching the Ellen show. Then I watched some news and had to turn it off because it was making me so furious.  I cant watch the news. It always makes me so angry.
When Jake got home from work, I was looking at my emails and I had one from build a bear. We both looked at each other and said...Lets go! So we put on our shoes and coats and headed for the mall.
Arent the Kermit and Miss Piggy so cute?! I wanted to get Miss Piggy really bad, but I wanted to get an animal to snuggle with, and if I got Miss Piggy, I would of gotten her some razzle dazzle outfit. I probably go back and get her and Kermit anyway. They are even puppets!
Jakes bear and my bunny we picked out!
Cleaning and brushing our bears after we got them fluffed!
Picking out accessories and outfits.
Getting our animals birth certificates ready! Jake named his St. Patricks day patrick and I named my rainbow bunny cupcake!
Tada! All done! Time to go home and play with our new animal friends!
Then Jake, myself and some friends.....got together and watched Puss in Boots. It was cute! I had no idea it was a Jack and the Bean Stock plot. It was fun! To end the evening, we finished off the Oreos, ate dinner, played Nientedo and I  made more bowties of course :) A wonderful day!


  1. Gosh, your life seems so much more exciting than mine! :) I hope it stays that way! :D

  2. PS: Where do you get your dresses?? They're so cute & modest. Help me out!

  3. What a day, what a day! My favorite part is that Jake got so dressed up for the big build a bear night and apparently you and I both have issues with oreos :)
    And I love your bedroom lamp and bedspread- cute cute!