play date with stacey on the mountain!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Today (Thursday) I got to play with Stacey all afternoon! Wahoo! We met up around 11 and headed for Park City. When we got to the resort, we decided we needed a treat we headed to Kneaders and got some treats. We were trying to find Rocky Road Mnt. Factory, but ended up at Kneaders instead! I got a chocolate eclair and a german chocolate brownie! They were both delicious!
At Park City Resort, ready to ride! When we got on the lift, Stacey and I were both regretting that we wore jackets, gloves, and snow pants. It was so hot outside it felt like summer! So awesome! I guess in the picture above I mixed up our faces with our boards...woops :)
 There was a ski contest going on, and a whole lot of awesome ski fashion as well!
 Stacey rocking the mountain!
 The mountain rocking Stacey.....I think this is the first time Stacey fell all season. I was so glad I had my camera out to capture this moment just in time!
 No more jackets. To warm out! Wahoo!!!!!!! We were LOVING it!
 Stacey, with a new snow fashion..."the preppy snowboarder" :)
Wow, it was an amazing day! Spring skiing is for sure a favorite of mine! For some reason...I love slusshy snow! It is fantastic!
 Tuna! He was in my coat pocket the entire time snowboarding! I love that he is always up for adventures and loves to come along anywhere!
A beautiful drive home :) What a wonderful day!


  1. that stuff up top in those two pictures? i went blind with deliciousness.
    xx jes

  2. Ahhh... love the pictures! Any pictures in UT make me happy. :) I miss those beautiful mountains! I'm so lost around here without a huge mountain telling me which way is east. Also, I would like the 2nd dessert pictured, please? And thank you.