random things from the week :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This has been a super busy week full of MOVING! Wahoo! I have been doing other random things to like...furniture shopping! I LOVE this kitchen table! I want it!
 Easter is coming! I LOVE all the bright colored peeps at the grocery store! They are so cute!
 I cant go to a store without buying candy.
 Unpacked some easter decorations so I didnt get them lost in the move!
 Made chicken tortilla soup for a Relief Society Enrichment night on Tuesday! It was delicious! I was so glad I finally made a dinner! I need to start doing that more often....
 At Relief Society we made butter for our bread! It was delicious! and took some team work!
 Tuna hung out with his friends alot this week. He was really helpful moving stuff, but he had more fun hanging out with his friends.
 I did alot of fabric shopping for random bow tie and ipad orders :) Thats always fun!
 Did a giveaway on the Traveling Triplets blog! Its going on till the 28th. Check it out here!
Wednesday Jakes mom was awesome and came over and helped move stuff and organize! She is the best! Later, Jakes dad and brother Cameron came over to help move a few big items of our furniture. So nice of them all and a HUGE help! Everyone left around 6, and I finally got on my computer to see what was going on in the world. I am not going to lie...its fun to blog again. Its only been a week and a half, but I missed it :) Later, Jake and I got Little Caesars for dinner and chilled. It was fantastic.
Some girls next door were selling chocolates for their school, so of course we bought some! So fun! I remember selling chocolates back in the day to try and win cool prizes!
Thursday night made cilantro lime shrimp burritos! I love tortillas. They are so awesome for throwing what you have in the fridge in them...
On accident I dropped a Volkswagen lego Jake and I made that took us forever. I was way bummbed because it is super detailed and took us a week of hard work to make. Its ok though, I laughed when I dropped it. No biggie...Jake was sweet and fixed it and got it back together.
Friday, Jakes family came over again and helped us finish moving! They are so awesome! They even treated us an awesome PF Changs take out dinner! So, we got all all moved and settled in! Wahoo! Thank you mom and dad for all your help! Now, Jake and I just need to find a few furniture items we are missing.
 Friday, during the move, I was running back and forth to Walmart getting bins to store things in. I saw some girl scouts and had to get some cookies! Oh so yummy! You can never go wrong with some girl scout cookies!
Saturday, Jake and I went furniture shopping! We ate lunch at Wallabees and it was so good. I will admit, I didn't want to go because I didn't want to eat bbq food, but I regret that I didn't want to go after I ate my meal. It was soooo delicious! Jake and I got the brisket, smashers and beans and it was soooo good! I want to go back again!
Later in the day, Jakes parents took us to see Hunger Games. I thought they did a really good job with the movie. It was too good that I didn't like it....I just thought it was so realistic, it just made me so sad. I did really like Thanksgivings Point new movie theater!
Jakes mom got us this huge Costco cake and we have been eating lots of it! I am guessing it will be gone by the end of tonight. Yum! What a great week!


  1. wow all so delicious! the dinner you made looks AMAZING great job kels! and love the fabrics you bought. gosh can you make dresses? i would LOVE one in that chevron haha!

  2. also i love the table, furniture shopping is so fun! and so glad you were on our blog YAY!!