S&S Wedding

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday night Jake and I got to go to my past roomate Sarahs wedding reception! Oh she looked so stunning and happy! I was so glad! So, the first night I met Sarah, I was moving into our new ghettolicous house that we named "the candy shop" because we spray painted grapphiti all over the house (it was going to be bull dozed soon, so we lived it up) and the first night I moved in, I was the only one there, until everyone came back from summer. Sarah randomly had stopped by the house, and helped me unpack everything, and we had a sleep over the first time we met! This is how rad this girl is! She dropped all her plans to come help me, and keep me company in our scary house! She's the best!
The wedding reception was at The Tower at the U. It was really cool, and the view was so pretty! I had so much fun seeing Sarahs family and talking to them!
After the reception, Jake and I ended up stopping at Anthropologie and ended up finding this super cute bedspread set! Of course we had to get it! It was tooo cute to pass up! We are moving in April, so we are waiting to put the new bed set on when we get to our new place! We also got some super cute new dishes I am so excited about! I LOVE that Jake is into home decor and picks out great things!
Ah I love it! I cant wait to have a cozy new bedspread set!
 When we got home, we started putting some stuff in boxes to get ready to move. We found this book Jake wrote about spiders! It was to cute! My favorite part of this "about the author" is "When he was little he loved to draw." That cracks me up. Because he is in 5th grade, he is not little anymore ;) to cute! I am sure I didnt feel little either though when I was in 5th grade.
 Tuna and Puss in Boots reading Jakes book on spiders.
Then at midnight, I made some homemade oreos for our Sunday school class the next day! I couldn't help eating several before going to bed, and "springing forward" my clock for daylight savings! Ah, any time change forward kills me. I am always a zombie for weeks trying to get used to it!
Sunday was a great day! I was cleaning out the cupboards, and I found a laffy taffy I hide! Sparkle cherry are my all time favorite, and I will buy big boxes of them, and hide them around the house, so when I find one........its pure bliss! This laffy taffy in itself made for the best Sunday ever! In the evening, Jake and I watched a few movies, snuggled and ate to many grilled cheese. Perfect day!

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