sledding and mexican food with the girls! (and Jakey to :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monday evening, Jake and I got to have a fun evening with 2 of my new friends from the California Disney trip! I LOVE new friends!
Angie, Alexis and I
 This was so much fun!
 The snow was so melty, we were not sledding to fast....
 Mr. Photographer coming to join the party!
I was cracking up seeing everyone walk from the hill. I was glad we had 4 people to sled together so we had not to much trouble getting down the hill.
 After we went into Midway and went to Taramahars and got some dinner! Yummy salsas! I LOVE trying all the fun different Salsas!
 Pork and bean quasidilla
 Yummy queso
 Pork carnita chimmichangas!
Cheers to a great night! Thanks girls! I had so much fun!
Earlier in the day, I was able to have a great day to! I got to pick up some lunch and take it to Jakes work and eat with him! We got yummy Honeybaked Ham sandwiches! Oh soooo good every time! Then we got to meet with his health coach at work. That was fun.
 After, I went to one of my all time favorite places Gardner Village. I had fun walking around the stores and doing some furniture shopping :) Now I just need to find what I need, not what I want!
I was excited about The bunny salt and pepper, fabric and piggy tape measure I got at Gardner Village! Oh so fun!


  1. oh my gosh how funny, i have been to that exact tubing hill when i was a nanny with the kids, adn afterwards we went to the same restaurant. small world!!

  2. fun times! so glad you guys could make it and i could meet jake, even though i kinda already felt like i knew him! That last pic of me, woof!

  3. This was not a good post to read at midnight. I am now craving mexican food.
    I think Taco Bell or Filiberto's is opened right now and I honestly think I need to go there now to get my fix! haha!

  4. Ah! I love Soldier Hollow. I used to go there when we still lived in UT. And that food... isn't helping the rest of my work day go by any faster!! It looks so goooood! :)