Tuesdays at the Castle

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I had been wanting to read this book, and found it at Costco for $12.00. I was so excited! This is different then the typical book I read because its taking place in Medieval times. Overall, I really really liked the book. I will say, the names in the book were kinda hard for me to pronunciate, so I had a hard time sometimes keeping track who was who in the book at first. But thats my fault for not taking the time to find out how to really say the names. It got easier as the book kept going.

The book starts off with adventure from the start. The castle has a mind of its own and is always building new rooms and taking others away. Celie loves to learn about the castle and find out what it is going to do next. Celie has two brothers and sister, and they live in the castle because their father is the King. Celie's mom and dad go off to pick up her oldest brother from school and tragedy strikes.

After that, so much happens in the book. The kids are left to fend for themselves and try to keep there families castle. With intruders and wondering who they can trust, the kids learn about them selves and what they need to do to try and keep there brother as next in line to be king.

There is of course romance in the books, and some surprise romances as well. This kids learn to be tuff and fight to keep there home.

This book was fun and intriguing with some good twists and turns in the book.  I would recommend it. In fact, I am sure I will read it again in the future :)

This author has some dragon books, I am not sure if it is a series of 3 books or singles, but I want to buy them and read them!

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