Alisa and Nicks wedding and reception :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Friday, Jake and I got to drive up to Idaho Falls to go to my long time college friend Alisa Dunn! We left around 8am to get the afternoon wedding! I love afternoon weddings! Alisa and I met my first year of college on a study abroad trip to Central America. You know she is a good friend when she didn't care that half my hair was bright purple! She has been such a wonderful friend since! We actually are official pen pals and write each other letters in the mail! Its fun!
Alisa and Nick got married in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple! I was so honored I got to see them get married! It was a beautiful wedding. I felt so special to be there.
Putting on the corsage. I was so glad the rain cleared up so they could get some pictures together, and with everyone outside!

After the wedding, we got to go to the lunchin! It was wonderful, and we all pigged out tons because it was at Chuckaramma! It was perfect because Alisa and Nick have a ton of nieces and nephews! Jake and I could not stop eating the scones with cinnamon butter! Oh wow, they are the best there! We also made 2 new friends that we sat by and had so much fun getting to know them.
The reception was later that night in Rexburg Idaho. They did a great job decorating and making their reception their own.  Nick is a real cowboy, and Alisa a cute cowgirl, so they made the reception western and cute. I loved all the big barrels.
Corn bread cupcakes! So cute!
Right before the reception, we went to go see the new Rexburg LDS Temple. When I went to school there they had just announced that they were going to build a temple.
After seeing the temple, we headed to my cousin Mandys when she got off work. It was fun to chat with her and her husband David! They are having a baby boy, and due in only 2 months! So exciting! They are going to be wonderful parents! Jake and I loved the short time we got to visit with them before we headed to the reception!

It was a wonderful day! I loved all of it! After the reception we drove home to get ready for General Conference on Saturday morning.


  1. Cute pictures! I've never been to that temple before, but I hear it's really beautiful. Oh, and I love her wedding dress. Very unique and beautiful!

  2. I love the simplicity of her dress. Looks like it was a fun night :)

  3. Sorry that I stalked you and found your blog! It was so fun to meet you and Jake at Alisa's wedding. And since you mentioned the "purple hair" in your post I remembered Alisa telling me about you and how she wanted purple hair too. :)

  4. I just started following you a few days ago from another site you were doing a giveaway on, I think, I can't remember which blog right now. You've got a fun blog. So when I just saw your post about Sue and being in Idaho, I scrolled down a little to see if you mentioned who's wedding you were here for. I was Alisa's Mia Maid, I think, leader and their neighbor for a couple of years. Small world! She looks beautiful! What a fun reception!