Best movie ever!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Last night, Jake and watched the Muppets new movie! Oh my goodness, it seriously was is the best movie ever made! I cried 3 times because it was so cute. I cant wait to watch it again. The songs were so catchy, in a good way. The characters were great, all of it was wonderful! I am so glad we bought it! I feel more movies need to be like this. Uplifting, and leave you feeling happy at the end, and during it the movie to! Kids movies are the best!

Also, there is a surprise rap in the movie. It was awesome. I re-watched it over and over I thought it was so hilarious. Sometimes I wonder how the actors can act so serious during something so funny :)
 Kermit is the cutest! I love Kermit!
Amy Adams was super cute in the movie, and wore the cutest outfits the entire time! I want all her clothes from the movie! There were also tons of surprise stars in the movie. It was fun to see random actors popping up the whole time! Such a great movie!

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