Saturday, April 21, 2012

So, yesterday(Thursday) Jake had a photography class, and I went shopping! I got some super fun stuff and when I got was all blah and a no go. Sadly. So I was bummed because I didn't get a cute new outfit to wear to the QBM. Lame I know, but I always love an excuse to get some cute new clothes and Jake was sweet and thought a new outfit would be a good idea!

Friday got the car loaded up, got everything set up at the Queen Bee Market and let me tell was all so awesome! I was on cloud nine! I met so many nice new friends and they were all so kind and complimentive! I was living it up and loving it! I want to always hang around fun bloggers! The boutique started off with a "bang" after a dinner of all the SNAP Conference women coming in getting their shop on. To fun!

At 7:50, Jake said....want to run to Salt Lake and get you a cute outfit?! Oh he is so cute and dreamy. I swear I couldn't of found a more perfect husband for me. Jake is the best! My kind of man! I can't tell you about how excited I was about the awesome finds we got! I think I shop better when Jake is with me. He has a good eye. Here is the awesome stuff I got and can't wait to wear tomorrow!

I can't tell you how excited about these shoes I am! I had never heard of Pedro Garcia, but the shoe lady Jackie brought me out lots of fun shoes to try and I feel in love with these ones. Once they were on my feet I was SOLD! I guess he is an awesome shoe maker from Spain. Oh my gosh they are seriously so comfortable. I feel I could wear these all day and feel awesome. Ill have to test out my theory tomorrow :)
 I LOVE a good crop jean! So does Jake. So he insisted I got 2 cute ones! These are both Current/Elliot Jeans. I had never heard of this brand either, but I really liked them and so did Jake. They fit really cute on. I never wear jeans, so I am excited to start not only being a dress and skirt wearer, but a jean wearer.
 Jake and I died laughing when we saw these shoes! Oh they are so hilarious! Of course...that means a must get! They look awesome on!
And to top it all off...a cute new silk blouse!

I feel in heaven right now! I am sooo happy and excited! This seriously has been the best day ever! New friends, New clothes, life is great! Thanks everyone who made this day the BEST EVER!

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  1. those crop jeans are so cute. I really like the yellow ones, I've never seen anything like them before.