a great day usually starts with a cookie

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 Today (Tuesday) was another awesome day hanging out with my mom! We got cookies to go last night at The Chocolate and ate them for breakfast! YUM! My kinda breakfast!
 Mom and I went on another fun bike ride today! It was awesome! I wish my mom lived in Utah so we could go on bike rides together everyday! She is so in shape, she kicks my rear and I can't keep up with her! She is an awesome riding buddy.
 It was such a nice day, we laid in the grass and talked for a bit and enjoyed sitting in the sun! It was awesome! I am loving these sunny days!

 For lunch today we went to Gurus! Mom and I voted they by far have the best sweet potato fries! They are so delicious! My favorite!
Then we got a delicious chicken cilantro lime qusidialla! Sooo good!
Next on our list was going to the Quilted Bear and Tai Pan. My mom LOVES those stores and always wants to go to them when she is in town!
We were thirsty, so we went to Sonic. We also tried there new sweet potato tater tots. They were great! I think I would like them even better though with some magical dipping sauce. Maybe ranch dressing would work?

After Jake got off work, he came and met us at the movies! Holy cow, I have never seen the movie theater, or the entire theater so dead. They only people we saw the entire time we were at the movies, (bathroom, treats) were the workers and 2 other people in the theater with us to see Chimpanzee. It made me sad. I hope the movie business keeps up! Chimpanzee was the cutest documentary. I was nervous it was going to be super sad, but Disney did such a wonderful job with the story. I can't believe the amazing video footage they got of this chimp group. It was pretty amazing! Also I was shocked to hear that chimps are not only vegetarians, they eat meat to! Other kinds of monkeys meat.....
 Tuna loved watching Chimpanzee. He loves anything to do with monkeys in general.
 After a great movie, we headed over  to Wallabys to meet up with my moms brother John and his wife Loraine for dinner! Johns bday is going to be next week, so we got to celebrate his bday to! Mom, Jake and I spilt 2 meals and a dessert! Holy cow, you really get your bang for your buck at Wallabys! It was so much food! We all loved it! We had a great time visiting and enjoyed our fun time catching up!
Jake and I, mom, Uncle John, Aunt Loraine. It was wonderful to see them :)


  1. Wait, did they not give you the carmel dipping sauce for your tots!?! It's amazing! The combo of sweet and salty is divine. It tastes like Thanksgiving. Ha! PS-Your Mom looks amazing--per usual.