Heaven Is Here

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wahoo! I just finished this book last night! It was fantastic! I was so impressed with such a wonderful job that Stephanie did to write this book. The book is made up of 3 sections. Before her accident, in the hospital after the accident, and home from the accident.

I thought the book might be to sad to read, but I think Stephanie Nielson did a wonderful job writing it.  It wasn't to overwhelming to read. Dont get me wrong, it is so sad to hear her story, but she did such a good job writing about everything that happend to her life with a positive out look, it didn't make me feel sorry for her because of how amazing her outlook on life was and how she made life still wonderful and beautiful.  The book made me want to do better! It made me happy to learn about her accomplishments and achievements she has made since her accident. It really is an inspiring story in so many ways.

I cant imagine all the pain she lives in everyday, or the surgeries she is enduring, but I think she gives some serious hope that no matter where you are in life, what you are doing, be positive, and be grateful to be living.

I liked learning about her life and things she treasures most. I think the thing I really loved hearing about in the book was about all the great people like her family, friends, and strangers cheering her on to get better. I am so impressed with her strong will to live and determination to do better, get better, and to be a mom! She is all around amazing before and after her accident.

I am so impressed with what a wonderful mother she is. She really has inspired me to want to do better around the house and even cooking meals. I loved how her husband never left her side, and she never left his. They seemed to be close before the accident, but even more close and giving to each other after the accident. So beautiful.

This was a wonderful book! I will read it again someday. Thanks Ms. Nielson for sharing your beautiful story with the world.

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