Kelsei and Trevins Wedding

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Friday afternoon, I got to get Tuna ready for a wedding! I was combing his hair and on accident, the comb got stuck under his eyebrow and pulled it out! (the right one...or in the pic, the left one). It was tragic, but luckily I got his eyebrow back in place. Its a bit bigger now, but I have always been a fan of promintate eyebrows. Then we got Tunas bow tie on, and went and picked up Jake from work. Off to the wedding in Salt Lake.
The wedding was for Jakes cousin Trevin and his new wife Kelsei. She is now the third Kelsey Harris in Jakes family line. I think thats pretty neat. I am Kelsey Harris the Second. The wedding was at the Salt Lake LDS Temple. It was a beautiful wedding.
Waiting outside the temple for the bride and groom to come out!
Here they are!
I LOVE all the pretty flowers out and about on the temple grounds! They do such a great job making temple ground areas so beautiful year around.
Uncle Doug, Aunt Christi, Jake and I and Skyler :) Most of these pictures are from my wonderful Aunt Christi! Thank you for letting me use these great pics! She is so wonderful at documenting moments!
After the wedding was a dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in the Wasatch room!
Trevins family lives in Texas, and boy do they have some serious Texas PRIDE! They did some super cute touches to the dinner party room that made it so much fun. These Armadillo Droppings were one of them! They are camel and nuts and soo good! I want to order some to eat more!!
They had the Texas flag and State flowers on display! They got each family a bottle of Rudys barbecue sauce which is their favorite! Jake and I cant wait to try it! I thought that was so sweet and cute they did that for everyone ;)
Buffet style dinner! Yum!
My plate...and I ate it all! And some dessert. Texas sheet cake dessert of course :) After we all ate, there was dancing and fun! Jake and I had to sadly leave before sparklers and to watch the bride and groom take a carriage ride off, but we had a fantastic time!
Beautiful view for the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

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  1. Looks so much fun! Love your dress! You look fab.